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 Laverie Vallee (July 18, 1875 – February 6, 1949), best known by her stage name Charmion, was a Sacramento born trapeze artist who possessed strength and a physique most men would be envious of. However, she was most well known for her risqué striptease performances.

The act opened with Charmion taking the stage in full Victorian attire. She would then mount the trapeze and proceed to undress to her leotard while performing impressive and strength-dependant stunts. The act was incredibly impressive and provocative for the era. However, the controversy created by her performances did not prevent the formulation of a devoted, and mostly male, fan base.

One of her greatest fans was Thomas Edison. As a result of that adoration, on November 11, 1901 Charmion committed a simplified version of her act to film for Edison. The film, simply entitled ‘Trapeze Disrobing Act’ focused more on the erotic aspect of the performance, though a few remarkable feats of strength are featured.


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And now, a deep moment from Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz.


And now, a deep moment from Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

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This is just one of the best Friends moments oh my god.



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"Have you ever thought of selling your mole for charity? If not, why do you hate sick people?"


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I love these kind of useful beauty tips/images, they can be so helpful at times.

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Barack Obama as a freshman in college, 1980

Obama coulda got it in 1980.

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“She likes to disappear a lot. We always know when something is bothering her. She’ll put on her combat boots and pull her hair back, then she’ll grab her purse and just walk out the door. No one stops her. Ever. We all know she’ll come back when she feels better.

She writes a lot. And although no one knows what she writes about, we know that it helps her. She also likes to pick flowers and send them to people that live in other places. And every morning, she has two or three cups of coffee.

Her fears get in the way of her being happy most of the time. Her scars are noticeable and we don’t say anything about them. She’s not unhappy all the time, though. Making her blush and smile is easier than you think. You just have to know what to say at the right time.

She changes a lot. her mind, her clothes, her hair. It’s never the same for more than a few months. Like a snake shedding its skin.

Some people love that about her, and some people hate it.”

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inspiration for what i’ll be wearing in 2014

don’t forget red lipstick

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